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Top 5 Freakish Places In New York City

New York City, also known as the Big Apple, is an ideal fantasy getaway for any person. There are several activities to indulge in, in this city, which would be ideal for any sort of enthusiast of any field. Here, there are incredible bakeries, underground symbolization shows, historical buildings, and of course the very famous Broadway. However, equally amazing are the secretive and (a tad) eerie places that are existent in this beautiful city. Let us now take a look at the top 5 freakish places in New York City...

5. The Underbelly Project

In New York City, there exists an exhibition of street workmanship painted on the walls of a relinquished subway station. Where it is, no one truly knows, with the exception of those who created it and the artists themselves. The whole project was created in the summer of 2010. It is believed that the station that the Underbelly Project is found at is on top of the G train's Broadway stop in Williamsburg; however, there is no proof of the same.

The place is an exciting and adventurous spot to visit. However, you need to go and seek this treasure at your own risk, especially as the whole project has been an illegal one and is hence hidden from the public eye. And what's more, it's of course free. Hence, if a person wants an extraordinary story and an astonishing discovery, he/she should go in search for the secret Underbelly Project.

4. State Island Boat Graveyard

The Staten Island Graveyard is one of the scariest places in New York. It is in an overlooked corner of the city. The place is a small piece of Arthur Kill Road conduit where several relinquished boats slowly sink and decompose into the swampy grave. Everything rots in this burial ground, and it somehow manages to retain its frightful aura. It can be found on Arthur Kill Road which is close to Rossville Avenue, 13 miles away from the ship terminal.

3. Old Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel

The Atlantic Avenue subway tunnel, found in Brooklyn, has a legendary status. It was mentioned in the New York Times in 1893, relating it to tunnel pirates, and H.P. Lovecraft, in 1927, also used it in one of his stories.

It is said that Cornelius Vanderbuilt built the tunnel in 1844 for rerouting Long Island Rail Road trains that were accidentally running over pedestrians. It was deserted in 1861 and rediscovered in 1980. Tours to the tunnel are no longer conducted, yet discovering the passage can be such an invigorating experience. A trip to the place will surely make for an incredible excursion, provided you aren't caught by authorities.

2. New York Marble Cemetery

Imagine staying at a room in a hotel and looking out through the window, to find a lush, green lawn behind the building. Beautiful, isn't it? Now what if someone told you that the tranquil grass-park that you are gazing at is, in reality, a cemetery? That is exactly how the New York Marble Cemetery is. Located behind the Bowery Hotel, this cemetery, which was founded in the year 1830, does not contain tombstones. Instead, the dead are buried in underground marble vaults here, which are marked by plaques. This is why most people, who admire the beauty of this place, are ignorant of its other secret. The place is usually closed for visitors, except for a few hours on the fourth Sundays in the months of April-October.

1. Cold War Bomb Shelter

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States of America, is indeed an amazing and wonderful piece of architecture. However, what many people aren't aware of is that this bridge also houses a secret Bomb Shelter, probably built around the Cold War period.

The hidden chamber, which was discovered in the year 2006, is situated just under the Brooklyn Bridge's entrance at Lower Manhattan. In the room were found provisions - blankets, water containers, medicines, even crackers! - that were to be made use of, on the event of a nuclear attack. The supply boxes bore dates 1957 and 1962, which in turn led to an understanding that it was made during the Cold War. The exact location of the room is however, presently a secret.

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