Monday, May 01, 2006

The Superman Comics

Superman is a super hero from the planet Krypton. His parents found that their planet was going to be destroyed. Superman or Kel-el, as he is also known, was only a baby and did not know what was going on. Jor-el, Superman's father decided that it would be best for them to put their child on a spaceship, and get him off the planet. They chose to send him to the planet Earth, because the atmosphere there would give him super powers. They also loaded on the ship a crystal that would show who he is, where he is from, and other useful information about him.

Superman travels through space and lands on Earth, on a farm in Smallville owned by Johnathon and Martha Kent. They see the space ship crash and they go to find out what it is. They raise the spaceship door and find a baby. They decide to keep the child and name him Clark Kent.

While growing up, Clark discover that he has strange powers and abilities, but his parents decide that he shouldn't tell anyone. Clark finishes school and then finds the crystal that was stored in his spaceship and discovers who he is, how his powers work, his real name and more. He then realizes that his powers can be used to help people.

Clark moves to the city and gets a new look to hide his identity, including wearing glasses. He gets a job at the Daily Planet where he makes some friends. One of these is Lois Lane, a reporter, whom he often saves from danger, and the other is Jimmy Olson, the paper's photographer.

Clark spends most his day working, but when there is danger around, he finds a nearby phone booth, and turns into Superman. When he is Superman he flies high above the city in a red and blue outfit with a cape. He has steel-like bones and if someone tries to punch him or hit him with an object, it doesn't have any effect.

Superman's heat vision, makes a red beam of heat come from his eyes which can melt certain objects. He also has X-ray vision which allows him to see through all objects except lead.

Superman has Super Strength which lets him easily pick up objects which weigh tons. Super Speed allows him to move from one place to another lighting fast when he is on ground.

Despite all these super powers, Superman does have a weakness. When he goes near kryptonite it makes him weak so that the villains can easily punch him and knock him out. His only defence against kryptonite is a lead spacesuit.

Superman is a great comic to start reading if you're looking for a hero comic. Each comic has action and adventure.

Michael Russell

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