Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taking a Look at DC Vs Marcel Comic Books

Comic books have entertained audiences since the 1930s with their quick, easy-to-read artwork and appealing, over-the-top characters. Behind Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the X-Men or other comic book heroes, there are behemoth enterprises that have dominated the comic book world for decades. While Marvel Comic Books and DC Comic Books have rivaled each other for years, occasionally the characters team up in epic battles within "the Amalgam Universe," such as in Silver Surfer versus Green Lantern, Flash versus Quicksilver, or Elektra versus Catwoman. While there are many obvious similarities between the two giants, there are also some stark contrasts.

Motivation, cause and effect are all very important considerations when analyzing the difference between Marvel and DC. Marvel characters often struggle with a myriad of internal forces and mental battles. For instance, the Hulk has struggled with an explosive temper, while Spiderman has always struggled to balance his personal life with the demands of being a superhero. Wolverine also has competing nuances of animalistic urges and human civility.

Once action has been taken, these characters often ponder what has happened and sometimes second-guess themselves. These "very human-like" characters were generally ordinary but gained powers from science accidents, radiation exposure, spider bites, genetic mutation or some other event. The setting for Marvel graphic novels are in real places like New York, Los Angeles or Toronto. Some say Marvel puts a more modern spin on comic books and fulfills a more psychological need for its readers.

By contrast, the superheroes of DC comic books are nearly god-like in their perfection and function; more like mythological heroes. Their only weaknesses come from exterior factors, like Superman coming into contact with kryptonite or Batman being without his super utility belt.

They got their powers from supernatural, magical or alien means and they exist in ethereal worlds like Metropolis, Gotham City, Star City and the Dreaming. Over the years, newer adaptations of the comic books have gotten more into the psychological side of these characters, but generally speaking, the fans of DC appreciate the boldness, the confidence, the skills and the innate intelligence of these immaculate characters.

In the end, it's hard to really say which comic book series reigns supreme. DC, the old dinosaur, has the oldest legacy of all comic books and can rightfully claim the invention of superheroes as we know them (with Superman debuting in 1938). Their characters were perfect, supreme, and almost god-like in their abilities and powers.

However, Marvel Comic Books brought a whole new spin on superheroes with their modern take; that many superheroes were just ordinary people with day jobs and complex emotions, yet wound up finding their callings as heroes (or villains) following a series of unusual events. Many comic fans will read both so the rivalry has always been friendly, but a person's favorite character may say a lot about why he or she reads.

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