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Feeling Like a Superhero and Not the Bad Guy This Halloween? Be Daredevil to Her Elektra

Like most men who feel that they have nothing to lose, Daredevil is known as the fearless man. This superhero in a red costume is secretly known as Matthew Michael Murdock, a native of New York City and popularized through the imaginary Marvel Universe. Daredevil's transformation occurred when a radioactive substance accidentally fell from a passing vehicle and caused him to suffer blindness, but at the same time enhanced his other senses. Matthew Murdock's vocation to fight crime in New York City was motivated by his urge to avenge his father who died when he refused to give in to a street fight.

There are a lot of options to choose from when you want to wear a Daredevil costume for Halloween. Throughout the history of the comic itself, the look of Daredevil's costumes developed both in the logo and colors that he utilized. Costume makers, particularly those who are focused in making characters for the comic books, create all the variations of the Daredevil costume.

The first Daredevil costume that was worn and shown in the pioneering issue of the Daredevil comic had a brown and yellow color combination. The majority of the costume was colored yellow and also featured red gloves and a vest. A single D on the front of the outfit was seen in some of the earlier issues of the comic. But later on, it was changed to DD after a particular edition garnered more popularity from the audience. The DD held to this day, so most Daredevil costumes still have DD emblazoned on the chest. There is a "billy club" holster and a hood on the back in some versions of the costume, but those were removed in later editions of the Daredevil story.

In the seventh issue of the Daredevil comic, we can see the red costume version. The officially licensed Hollywood movie used the red Daredevil costume, making it one of the most sought after, bought and rented, costumes for Halloween -- and certainly the most popular Daredevil costume. Every year, it's not surprising to find men (and even women) in jumpsuits, running around and pretending to be like the fearless man from Marvel world.

Couples also enjoy the Daredevil motif, with men commonly sporting a Daredevil costume and their girlfriend wearing an Elektra costume. Elektra is also a character from Marvel and she had fought together with Daredevil for many times in the comics' history. That is why both Daredevil and Elektra costumes are usually worn by partners during the Halloween season.

The simplest and cheapest costume for this superhero is a mere muscle top matched with black pants and a Daredevil mask. This entire outfit will only cost you about $50 or less, but if you are really on a tight budget you can opt to wear a plain red top, black pants, half or full face red mask and black shoes. This Daredevil costume is actually easier than it looks; it is a hassle-free and low cost option for you to look amazing.

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