Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Comic Book Review - "The Ultimate Unholy Halfbreed"


"The Ultimate Unholy Halfbreed"- Graphic Novel review (comic by Garc Mraci--writer, artist)

So what would happen if actor Robin Williams had sex with a rhinoceros and fathered a half-breed child? That's the question posed by The Ultimate Unholy Halfbreed, and that's the question foremost on my mind when I received my review copy of the book.

I'd heard a lot about Unholy Halfbreed in the weeks prior. For those not in the know, this independent comic book caused quite a bit of controversy due to its over the top themes and depictions of graphic violence. Its main plotline involves the aforementioned act of bestiality and the resulting birth of Rhinoboy, a half-breed bastard child with a real Oedipal complex. He hates his father (Robin Williams) and wants to kill him for raping his mother.

The very premise is the product of a warped mind. But I usually love black humor like that, entertainment that doesn't pull any punches, so I was really looking forward to reading this.

My initial reaction was that of shock and disappointment. The "art" seemed remedial and amateurish. I persisted, though, because the story was so perversely compelling. I had to find out what demented plot twist Mraci was going to introduce next.

And it does get really demented, really quick. Rape, prostitution, bestiality. Mraci doesn't leave a single taboo untouched. This is a book that you read for the characters and the plot, not for the art. Although, after a while, the art grew on me: it has a very Mike Judge ("Beavis and Butthead"), early South Park kind of vibe going for it. Mraci has a unique artistic vision. His drawings are simple, but they're direct and get his plot across. It's clear that his art is just a vehicle for his ideas (which are genuinely very funny).

In fact, more than anything else, this book is funny. I found myself laughing out loud several times, much to the annoyance of my roommate, at the constant stream of gross out humor and sight gags. Robin Williams wearing a pair of ass-less chaps? Check. Rhinoboy visiting a prostitute? Check. There's at least one good line or noteworthy visual on each page.

At just under $20.00, this book costs less than a night out. With the rumors that an adaptation is being developed for Adult Swim's late night cartoon lineup, don't miss out on what many are already calling the indie comic book find of the year.

Rating: B+ -review by Stephen Galackawicz

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