Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Comic Heroes You Should Be Reading About

Although in today's world there are many different comic books and series to choose from, I find that it is best to read from a few series religiously and then pick up single issues that look interesting on the side. For those series you choose to read all the time, I suggest a subscription to ease the continuous blows to your wallet each week or month. For once in a while reads, keep picking them up at the stands but once you feel yourself looking forward to reading that specific comic a few times in a row, you may want to think subscription.

Okay then, that was the easy part, now here comes the hard part. Which comics should I subscribe to and which are best left on the stands? I'm so glad that you asked. In my opinion the best comics to read are the ones that revolve around your favorite comic heroes. Now that may seem pretty self explanatory but look at the key word favorite. Favorite doesn't mean top twelve, instead I would try and subscribe to your top four heroes. I'm not trying to dissuade you from reading more than four comic series. Quite the opposite, read as many as you'd like, but for your wallets sake, subscribing to the top four isn't a bad idea.

"But I like so many comics! I can't possibly just choose four!" you may say. Well, if it is too hard for you to decide on your own who to read let me show you my top four comic heroes and explain why you should also be reading them.

1. Deadpool

Deadpool is hands down my favorite comic book character ever. He has the most unique stories in comics right now chock full of action, women, and ridiculous humor. Deadpool is such a fun read because of the zaniness and open insanity of the title character. He breaks the fourth wall in every issue and is actually aware of his thought balloons (that's right he has two) and the interactions between them all lead to comedy gold. If you aren't reading one of his comics, start.

2. Batman

There's a new Batman in town folks and he certainly has his hands full. All of the Batman series are great and in my opinion are written by the best people in comics at the moment. Paul Dini, Grant Morrison, and even Kevin Smith have been involved in Batman. Although Bruce Wayne he is not, the series keeps its dark tone but with a lighter Batman...for now. Batman is definitely DC's power player and for good reason, check him out in any of five on going series.

3. Green Lantern

The Green Lantern is a book well worth reading, and not only because the current comic event: Blackest Night revolves around him. The Green Lantern is actually a recent reboot. Although Green Lanterns have been around since the Golden Age of comics, the titular hero has changed several times. But most everybody agrees that Hal Jordan is considered the Green Lantern. That's probably why Geoff John's creative team pulled him back from the dead and placed him as the lead in the current Green Lantern series. This Green Lantern complete with a haunted past and an ever changing love life is definitely one to read.

4. Spider-Man

Read Spider-man comics. Or comic, I should say. I especially harp on reading Spider-Man comics because it is so easy to do now. He only appears as the main hero in one comic book The Amazing Spider-Man. It ships three times a month so it is a little more expensive but the convenience of not having to read issues in other series just to stay on track with him is definitely a plus. Spidey's been around for ages, and he is still the same do-gooder with an infinite run of bad luck in all areas of his life. Trust me, Spider-man is arguable the biggest name in comics, and there is a reason why.

Well, there's the top four comic heroes. If you aren't reading these four heroes do your self a favor and start. The writing is superb, the illustrations are gorgeous, and the differing characters provide view points from across the spectrum. So whether your just getting into comics, or are a seasoned vet, make sure you check out these four comic heroes, you'll be sorry if you don't.

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